Ugh. The vegan thing. I know, it is everywhere and all of a sudden people that are protecting animals and care about the environment are ‘soo annoying’. I’ve been vegan for 4 months now. It was a very turbulent time in which I’ve learned a lot:

1. The eye rollers.

So, now I said it. I am vegan and am sitting every day on the same dinner table as my house mates and boyfriend who are still eating meat. They have started the eye rolling avalanche a long time ago, unfortunately it’s not only in my house, it’s everywhere. I’ve heard ‘but bacon’ pretty much every week and people just everywhere are rolling their eyes. My thoughts: I AM THE QUEEN OF EYE ROLLING. You are wasting your time on me with your nonsense and uneducated opinion. Roll away.

2. I eat everything.

Mysterious but true, quite a few people didn’t hesitate to tell me straight away ‘you know, I eat everything’ – I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of this sentence, guessing I’m the complicated kind.

3. Vegan hipster crap.

As a vegan, you are supposed to look a certain way, to be an eco, a hipster, a feminist and you do not shave your arm pits. Guess what, most people don’t even have a clue I’m vegan, they would never pick it. You can still have Pinterest hair, wear the latest fashion and laugh at sexist jokes, this things are not the definition of a vegan. P.S. Surprise, surprise, I still shave my arm pits every day.

4. Vegan? I could never do that!

“Oh, you’re vegan now. I could never do that!”
“Really? Have you ever tried it?”

5. But what about your boyfriend?

Nobody used to ask me, “What does your boyfriend think about that you are buying a yoghurt today?” Nowadays I get asked VERY often about the opinion of my boyfriend, even by people who do not know him. When I mention that he is not vegan, people see headlines shared by TMZ that we finally broke up. I can assure you, that my boyfriend is allowed to have his own opinion and that he has his own brain, we do not share that, yet. He makes his own decisions, I am not forcing him to change his diet.

6. And your leather shoes?

Discussions. Many discussions. Even though no has found an argument against a vegan lifestyle, quite a few people have found that they have a problem with me and my leather Nike’s. I’ve bought them before I went vegan and I’m not gonna through them out, I’m gonna wear them and will never buy them again. My opinion on leather has changed dramatically, at the beginning of this whole vegan thing, I’ve said that what I do has a huge impact on the environment already and a pair of shoes, that I really love, won’t do any damage – everything in moderation. Today, I am more educated and would only buy sustainable leather goods.

7. But do you still drink alcohol?

Being vegan is like breaking up: you say goodbye to life-long companions like mozzarella, schnitzel, poached eggs and cheese and when you see them on social media all you think is ‘I must have been drunk all this time’. However, many people do not quite understand that you are not going to the monastery. I’m not a nun, I do not live abstemious now. I still drink my bubbles, gin and wine, just like before and that will never change.

8. Where do you get your protein from?

Ugh. If I would get a dollar for every time someone is asking me this, I probably wouldn’t have to promote active wear on Instagram anymore. Here’s some quick info about protein: all proteins are coming from plants and it is not necessary to eat animal tissue in order to get protein. Plants have proteins and are a great source of it.  Most green veggies have just as much protein as meat. The most obvious plant-based sources of protein include beans, nuts and soy. Also cows for example, that only eat grass and grains, get their protein from plants. It’s so interesting that people never  think about where cows get it from. I can guarantee you that it’s not by eating other animals.

9. So much negativity!

There’s plenty of negativity as you can see, but let me tell you about my positive experiences. The last few months have been the best months of my life. I feel so fit, light and healthier than ever. I’ve met other vegans – that are all wonderful, positive and empowering people. I have received a lot of encouragement, from strangers, that did not make my decision look ridiculous, but listened to what I had to say. I just feel good, inside and out. A vegan diet is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me! I’ve found that many celebrities, athletes and influencers have finally opened their eyes too about what is really happening to us and our planet and are not afraid to share it. I’ve learned that I do not have to justify my decisions and that I will definitely not discuss it. I am just a human that has chosen to protect animals, the planet and want to do as much as I possibly can to live more mindfully.

10. The moral.

It’s the dose that makes the poison. Consuming and buying animal products is not a crime, yet everyone should be aware of how often we purchase those things. The intensity of how we consume is what makes the difference. You don’t need to be radical with your choices, just try to think twice about what you are doing. I decided to live a radical approach to many things but I’m not asking anyone to do that, because I think any small contribution counts and no one, including me, is perfect. We all live in a complex world where so many topics need to be approached differentiated. BUT: Every single day not only animals and our nature, but also people, suffer from our standard of living and we need to be aware of that. Again: you don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to ditch all your clothes and groceries and become Mother Theresa. It is okay to walk into the supermarket and buy a chicken filet, if you really, really want it. Maybe you are able to make sure this happens rarely and maybe it will happen barely ever. It is all a process and progress in which we grow and just try our best possible.

There are plenty of reasons to go vegan and no reasons to not to. Here are some real interesting documentaries that are worth watching, that probably will shock you , make you cry, wonder and definitely will change your outlook on the world and your health.


What the health – In defense of food – Forks over knives – Cowspiracy


Earthlings – What you eat matters The best speech ever



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