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Social media is powerful, word of mouth is powerful. Take those things and a good
product and you are on for a winner. This campaign has caught my eye over the past
few weeks making its rounds on Instagram, so I was particularly excited when a
beautiful big black box was waiting on my doorstep last week.
I feel like this company needs an introduction and a good one. Thankfully they
provided a USB that held all the information I needed, so let me tell you & then you
will tell two… we will get to that bit though.

So the products… Big beautiful bottles of goodness. It started with Water-bottles and
now they have expanded to beauty and baby products… all profits committed to end
global poverty. Thats right, what they do is take the money you spend and 100% of
the profit is put back into projects to help those in need. Some of those projects
include water access, sanitation and hygiene.

What you have here is a small group of people determine to change the course of
history – their words not mine. Three university students ten years ago had an idea
and believed they could make the impossible happen, by creating a product that
would essentially help end global poverty. After reading and researching these guys
haven’t had it easy. Three years of rejection from the corporate giants, they cleverly
used Facebook to push their message in 7-Elevens face. After all the struggles they
finally made it, people know about them, the initiative and finally they have launched
in New Zealand.

So the tell two message. What they want you to do is buy the product, use the
product then go and buy two more. Gift those products to two different people and
encourage them to do the same, before you know it so so many people could have
Thank You in their hand, have educated others and the snowball effect is
happening… How exciting for a company who want to selflessly help others.
I read online that if 300 started this, they told two people, who told two people and
this happened 14 times then they would have reached more than 4.9 million, yes 4.9
million people would know! Thats more than the entire population of this amazing
As I sit here staring into this amazing box of product and thinking who I am going to
gift some of it to I write this, hoping that you will get to your local supermarket and do
the same!
Thank you, Thank you for bringing this campaign into my life and allowing me to
share your project and goals with people.