Living my best life for me personally means that everything I do, I do it with all my heart. Throughout my time living abroad, growing from a girl into a woman, learning to embrace and love what I stand up for and on top sharing it into a world that may not embrace it, has been a constant battle. To not hide or change my thoughts, beliefs and personality, just to fit in and to not downplay or change parts of my personality, so that people like me, goes against so much of what I deeply believe in. This never receding feeling in my chest that screams at me to be the person my gut knows I am, is what keeps me going to pledge the following for my social media activities:



meat and the dairy industry

oil companies

companies that test on animals

fast fashion

pharmaceutical companies


I started a plant based diet by beginning of 2018 and I try to wear vegan fashion, as a part of my new lifestyle. I wear strictly organic certified wool and sustainable leather goods. I am not judging anyone eating or using animal products, I believe that that the intensity of how we consume is what makes the difference and it’s all a process and progress in which we grow and just try to do our best.


I first came in touch with zero waste through an advertise from Greenpeace, which impressed and inspired me deeply. I am living in New Zealand since 2016 and haven’t been aware of how much waste, especially in form of plastic is around and how unaware people are about the consequences. Since 2017 I have tried to emphasize my effort to live a zero waste lifestyle and minimize, however until now I have only been able to reduce about 50% of my waste. I live a low waste lifestyle and do my best to improve with time.


My job requires me to travel quite often – 70% of my ecological footprint is travel related emissions.  When I get job offers that require airplane travel I always evaluate wether the content I get through the trip is worth the ecological impact, justifies my cause and aligns with my morals and values.


I am trying to only promote sustainable fashion brands and try to do my best evaluating if a brand is sustainable and ethical based on their certificates, transparency and activities. This is obviously a process that will take time, nonetheless, I decided to not approach this topic radically as I know that good things just take time. I believe that it’s the dose that makes the poison, so for now I am contributing with buying one piece at the time.


I only promote cruelty-free products. I do not wear or promote any make-up tested on animals and most of the beauty products I use are vegan. Some of the products I promote might contain bees products.


All of the products or services I promote have been personally tested and I promise to never promote anything that I am not convinced of. I pledge to always be honest about the quality and performance of any product promoted. Any opinion or review however is personal –  please keep in mind that I share what has worked for me personally.

Part of my income comes from social media platforms, that’s why I strongly believe in being transparent about sponsored content. Paid content is always labeled with the words „sponsored“ -„sp“ or „ad“ and free PR samples are labeled with „prsample“.