Hey hey, I’m Zemira!

You can mostly find me sipping on peppermint tea, listening to podcasts and binge watching some real bad reality TV.  I’m a huge dreamer, an adventurer at heart and a girl rarely seen without a camera in her hand. Sending pug memes is my forte and I’m not even embarrassed about it!
I would rather be scaling mountain summits than escalators in shopping malls and although on the outside I may seem to have my sh*t together my personality can only be described as a fire cracker. I love nothing more than encouraging others to value their worth, cherish everything around them and chase after their given calling.


In January 2016 I moved from Zell am See in Austria to Queenstown in New Zealand, where after two years of long-distance relationship, I decided to live with my beloved and amazing boyfriend Brendon. In Austria I lived the life of an end-twenties of your dreams: great job, house in the mountains, fun friends, a closet full of the latest and greatest of clothes, fancy spare time activities and way to many parties. Considering all of this, you might find yourself saying that I’ve had it all together and was where I was supposed to be.

Taking the plane to New Zealand and waking up in a foreign country, where nothing of what I used to call my daily life wasn’t surrounding me anymore felt really strange. The places and friends that gave me huge comfort were 18.000 km away and until today, no adventure goes by without wishing them by my side. I found myself wondering what the hell I have done. I was deeply unhappy and looking back now, I would even say it was some sort of soft depression. I could just not help, I’ve turned into this person who was unmotivated, lazy and boring AF. My boyfriend used to tell me that no one likes people that are happy in the morning, he used to tell me that he just can’t understand where I find the energy to be so upbeat all day and most of all, he never understood how someone can do all of this with only 5 hours of sleep every night. I wanted to find this version of myself again. Doing some soul searching and having some savings on the side, I said to myself ‘you know what, you can do better than this. Follow your dreams’. Not knowing what exactly my dreams were, I took my pug-life notepad and started to write down the topics that are important to me and that my heart is beating for. I was dedicated to find my happiness again and just go for it.


Fast forward to today, I call myself an adventure photographer, content creator and blogger that is most passionate about capturing all moments of life. I’m all about the real, authentic, wonderful experiences but also the ones that drag us down. You might think, I’ve figured it out now, but I’ll be very honest with you, I still have no clue what I’m doing. It is scary, being 31 and not having my life in order as I should. But who says how it should be? Right or not, I am starting to feel fantastic about myself again and am super-duper excited to call this my life. No matter what happened to you, I believe I can encourage you to follow your dreams too. There is only one of us in this world, and that exactly is our superpower. I want to inspire you to live your best life, only follow your heart and to be a little brave.


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